Friday, December 17th, 2010

The Circle of COOL!

Recently in a conversation with Andy Harding at Purple Creative (actually about our ‘REALLY unCool’ Christmas tree in the office) ‘The Circle of Cool’ came up – I’m not sure why I suddenly remembered it exactly, but it’s something Adam Pain taught me years ago whilst I was studying Music Production at ACM in Guildford.

From memory it goes something like this:

Notice how the more ‘unCool’ something is, the closer it becomes to being REALLY COOL!

Essentially what Adam was pointing out is that sometimes things can be so damn unCool that, actually, they are REALLY EFFING COOL!

If it’s something; no one else is doing, people tell you – you can’t do, not the done thing, perhaps your mastering ‘The Circle of Cool’?

Why try to be REALLY Cool when what is perceived to be REALLY unCool can be closer to the goal?

Ahem, my choice in shirts, no no no, they are not made from my Nans old curtains BUT yes perhaps they are so unCool that they are actually REALLY EFFING COOL! Fact.