Monday, May 30th, 2011

Website updates May 2011

If you’ve visited my website before you may notice it looks somewhat different today.

For months (literally) I’ve been trying to make the time to redesign and re-code my site. As other designers and developers will already know trying to balance an already busy work schedule, keep up personal projects and have a life at the same time can be extreamly difficult.

Today I’ve made the redesign live all be it in an incomplete form – but with a view to finishing things within the next few weeks.

My main tasks at the moment are:

  1. To get the templates built for the profile/about section of my site (which I’ve currently removed from the navigation).
  2. Fix a few disagreements internet explorer is having.
  3. Finish work on the media queries.

I also used the recode as a chance to experiment  with inuit.css which is a new CSS framework from the CSS Wizard Harry Roberts on the whole I’ve found the framework really helpful – after taking me a while to figure a few things out – I’m pretty sure it could speed up development time on future projects – perhaps a post on that later.

For those of you who haven’t visited my site before here’s what it looked like previously:

The main aim of this redesign is to:

  1. make the site lighter and easier on the eye to read
  2. make use of media queries to resize the site for various screens and devices (not really there just yet)
  3. make better use of html 5 elements
  4. Bring the site more inline with my current work

Hopefully I’ll have finished working on it soon.. in the meantime feel free to drop me a comment with your thoughts or tweet me @tbwcf.