About Andy Kleeman

I am a 27 years old and my name is Andy Kleeman. I live in Camberley, Surrey in the UK with my wife Jenn.

During education my interests were divided between music and mountain biking, I made little time for anything else. In education I was never really aware of design as an option – presumably too distracted by my obsession with music to ever know it was there.

In my early 20′s something clicked – I discovered indesign, photoshop, litho-printers, professional designers and Illustrators.

Suddenly I could see how a sketch or an idea could go on to become an album cover, a logo or a website. Things I had always appreciated so much yet never questioned their creation.

I discovered my love and passion for design that actually had always been there, hidden just below the surface, subdued by my interest in music and waiting to be realised.

I knew almost instantly this was where I should build my career.

With many hours and days, evenings and weekends focused on developing my skills it wasn’t long before I landed my first job ¬†working ‘pre-press’ for a litho-printers.

This was a humble introduction to design and one I am proud to have been privileged to, rightly so I learn’t the very basics first.

I remained focused and driven as I am today and before long I was promoted to ‘designer’.

Soon enough I wanted to grow from print and began designing for the web.

It wasn’t long before designing wasn’t enough and I learnt to code websites too – taking as much pride in interaction as I do in design.

At the time of writing, I have been working as a freelance web designer and front-end developer for the past year – having had a variety of design jobs previously.

I don’t tend to find too much time for music anymore but I’ve created a career I love, enjoy traveling with my wife, socialising with the great friends we have and still get out on my mountain bike occasionally.