Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

An Inspiration – Craigy Lee

‘If you could bottle a fraction of Craig’s motivation and sell it, you would be a VERY rich man’
Adam Davies

Firstly let me tell you a few things about Craig:

Craig worked in McDonalds for the first 7 (roughly) years of his working life, during which time he;

  • Played, wrote songs in and toured in several bands.
  • Had his own tour business driving around foreign musicians and bands including Sea Sick Steve in his HUGE American A-Team style van (purchased though hard earn’t cash flipping burgers).
  • Worked as a guitar tech including at Reading Festival.
  • Kept up his passion of drawing and painting.

Clearly at this point Craigs focus (rightly so) was not so much about what earned him money but what enabled him to live and do what he loves.

Years passed by with Craig being massively successful in many respects but ‘non-plu’ in others (namely a ‘career’).

One day Craig told me he was going to America to become an apprentice for a tattooist he’d met.

Fast forward a couple of years.

Craig has spent a few years working at Ouch Tattoo in London and is currently travelling (whilst working) through Australia with his girlfriend India, during which time he is working at Tattoo studios AND also writing a travel journal published monthly in Skin Deep magazine – which in itself is a massive treat for Craig not only that, but it’s a great way to meet many of his peers and idols – now many people insist they are passionate about their work but few can compare to Craig.

I have no doubt that Craig’s success will continue, why? simple, because I have never met a person so motivated, so committed and so determined - just never say ‘lucky’.

Ask Craig yourself and he’ll tell you: Luck has f&%k all to do with it – it’s down to knowing what you want in of life, going for it and bloody hard work!

To met in a bar he is a normal bloke but get to know him and you’ll realise ‘normal’ is far from the truth.

Go check out his website at craigylee.com and follow his travel diary in Skin Deep Magazine as of January 2011.

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