Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Non ‘celebrity’ design heroes

Far too much of the time we are pre-occupied with ‘celebrity’ designers and developers. But, you know what… There are plenty of talented people out there who aren’t glamourised by the fact they write for a popular blog /magazine or speak at overpriced conferences and are relatively unkown.

The reason for this post is to point out some AWESOME designers and developers I know..

1. David Bushell - I put him as no.1 as he runs a blog called ‘design heroes‘  so it seems a good place to start. Why? I think he is an excellent designer/developer, keeps a neat blog and as much as he would rather not he is gradually giving actionscript the slip.

2. Ken Reynolds – Highly rated designer in my book (+makes ace cartoons), I’ve worked with Ken a few times and is a jolly decent chap as well as an up-and-coming blogger. On top of maintaining his own blog he’s also had guest posts featured on Smashing Magazine and the likes.

3. Russell Hall – I think Russell is quiet understated as far as the internet is concerned but that’s probably because he doesn’t have the time for the shin-dig-ar-y we do as he’s too busy building his empire. I’ve worked as a developer for Russell on a couple of occasions now and each time remain impressed not only by his design ability but the detail in which he supplies files.

4. JazaJay – I’ve never been 100% what he does for a job but I know he LOVES running and loads of that other weird exercise stuff, he also happens to be a damn clever bloke. When I’ve needed help with things such as Microgash IIS server setups, complicated php and the likes – Jazz has always been happy to help out, even when he’s not been present on design forums he has always replied to my emails and helped me with no financial gain for his troubles (I’m not suggesting everyone email him as a helpdesk by the way…).

5. Greg Findley – Last but not certainly not least, Greg is a designer and entrepenuer (I’m currently racing him to be the first in buying a swanky pad in Poole sandbanks) he also happens to be the reason I know the people above as he started design forums a advertisement free design forum with a really friendly community.

These are just a couple of my ‘design heroes’ and there are many more yet to be mentioned, perhaps for another day… you can follow them on twitter below (with the exception of Jazz who is yet to discover twitter.. ..probably as he is busy building a new, better twitter…) :





4 Responses to “Non ‘celebrity’ design heroes”

  1. Hey Andy thanks mate! Really made my day :)

  2. Geoff says:

    Nice post Andy, I agree there are so many talented folk out their who simply don’t get recognised. So its refreshing to see that this thought is also shared.

  3. Ken Reynolds says:

    Thanks Andy, really nice of you! Excellent idea for a post.
    It’s not about how many people know you, as long as you connect with the right ones!

    Big thanks to Greg from me too, because I wouldn’t know as many people as I do without Design Forums.

  4. Greg Findley says:

    Extremely late to the party… thanks for the mention Andy, much appreciated & good to see the positive effects Design Forums has had for it’s members. It works both ways, without guys like yourself, Ken, Russell, Jaz & many more, the forums wouldn’t be around.


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