Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Elliott James Music on iTunes

My friend Elliott James Brown has just put his recent recordings on iTunes at the bargain price of £1.79 for 5 AWESOME tracks – a minuscule investment for a wealth of listening pleasure.

Go check them out here -

Hell if you buy it and regret it email me and I’ll give you your £1.79 back!

You can follow Elliott on twitter @elliottjamesmus , along with Lukas @lukasdrinkwater who is one of the talent musicians from The Peoples String Foundation whom helped create these sounds.

I’m helping Elliott with a new website at the moment also so keep your faces pealed!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Valuable resources for developers

As a web developer – to stay on top of your game you need to constantly take on new challenges, often in these challenges you’ll know where you’re going and roughly how to get there but need some help along the way.

Working on the internet has some awesome benefits – the online community. here are a few valuable tips and resources to success in getting help online.

1. Know your subject – do your research – you should never say yes to a new task without at least a vaugue understanding of how to undertake it and achieve your goal and knowing that you can and WILL get there on time an in budget (even if that means using your own time to learn). Of course we all take on jobs ‘we don’t know how to do’ YET. The key is knowing roughly what you need to do.

2. If you’re stuck step one is google! Look yourself do, what you can – don’t ask me to do your job for you

3. Use the resources at hand – a great one for me has been stackoverflow primarily a javascript help forum. Another is wordpress stackexchange.

The key to getting an answer and help on these is GIVE THE PERSON HELPING YOU AN EASY LIFE, give as much information as you can without rambling and ALWAYS PROVIDE A LINK AS AN EXAMPLE – obviously provided that you can and aren’t prevented by a confidentiality agreement for a site that isn’t yet live – even in this case you can often use something like jsFiddle to provide an example .

As Jerry Maguire said ‘help me, help you, HELP ME, HELP YOU’.

4. Another great resource is twitter – if you are an active developer / designer and build up the right following and mutal respect from your peers then each others help will become invaulable.

Why do people help?
I can only really speak for myself but I am fairly sure I speak for most in saying that; we’ve all been there, we’ve all benefited from help (often by strangers) at some point and it only seems right to give some of that back to the community – not only that but, there is a certain pride in knowing you’ve helped someone else in the community, novice or pro – impressed them with your seemingly grand wisdom and confirmed to yourself your knowledge. Plus - it’s just nice to do something good!

There you go – a few quick tips – and my first blog post in a long time – hopefully the start of many more.

Ciao for now.

P.S: Yeap I do still ask for help. If I didn’t it would be because I’d stopped trying new things!


Friday, December 17th, 2010

The Circle of COOL!

Recently in a conversation with Andy Harding at Purple Creative (actually about our ‘REALLY unCool’ Christmas tree in the office) ‘The Circle of Cool’ came up – I’m not sure why I suddenly remembered it exactly, but it’s something Adam Pain taught me years ago whilst I was studying Music Production at ACM in Guildford.

From memory it goes something like this:

Notice how the more ‘unCool’ something is, the closer it becomes to being REALLY COOL!

Essentially what Adam was pointing out is that sometimes things can be so damn unCool that, actually, they are REALLY EFFING COOL!

If it’s something; no one else is doing, people tell you – you can’t do, not the done thing, perhaps your mastering ‘The Circle of Cool’?

Why try to be REALLY Cool when what is perceived to be REALLY unCool can be closer to the goal?

Ahem, my choice in shirts, no no no, they are not made from my Nans old curtains BUT yes perhaps they are so unCool that they are actually REALLY EFFING COOL! Fact.

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

This is exactly why I, and most men HATE getting their hair cut.

hair beforehair after

Brilliant. Trim and a tidy up. Thanks.

Gone from slightly messy in need of a tidy but the kinda length I like it to, well, some sort of weird flat anti-style less than half the length it was…

Oh well, let’s hope it grows on me hey.