Friday, November 26th, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

This is exactly why I, and most men HATE getting their hair cut.

hair beforehair after

Brilliant. Trim and a tidy up. Thanks.

Gone from slightly messy in need of a tidy but the kinda length I like it to, well, some sort of weird flat anti-style less than half the length it was…

Oh well, let’s hope it grows on me hey.

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Fixing WordPress after a Malware Attack

A Good few weeks back now a number of my sites (all hosted on the same server) suffered from a Malware attack. It’s been a while now and hopefully ‘touch wood‘ things are fixed for good!

With fingers and toes crossed I wanted to put a quick post together that might help others in the same unfortunate situation. Read More

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Going Solo – the (Wonderful?) World of Freelance

Going Solo Illustration

First off. Welcome to my first blog post it’s been a while in the making and I have finally found made the time for it.

What’s new?

The arrival of my blog and new website is timed with some huge change in my life.

Firstly a few weeks ago I married the love of my life and girlfriend of nearly 10 years, Jenn – whoo-hoo! (I’d highly recommend it).

Secondly I have handed in my notice, in my day job with the intention of persuing freelance/contract work on a full-time basis – so as of Monday July 5th I will be ‘self-employed’. Read More