Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Going Solo – the (Wonderful?) World of Freelance

Going Solo Illustration

First off. Welcome to my first blog post it’s been a while in the making and I have finally found made the time for it.

What’s new?

The arrival of my blog and new website is timed with some huge change in my life.

Firstly a few weeks ago I married the love of my life and girlfriend of nearly 10 years, Jenn – whoo-hoo! (I’d highly recommend it).

Secondly I have handed in my notice, in my day job with the intention of persuing freelance/contract work on a full-time basis – so as of Monday July 5th I will be ‘self-employed’.

The plan

The immediate plan is to secure some contracting work, I’ve spoken with a lot of people, have a few things lined up – over the next few weeks I’ll speak with a lot more people and hopefully enough of this will pay off. I also have a handful of valuable repeat clients.

The idea of change every few months/weeks (possibly days?!) excites me, the excitement (and fear) of the unknown… ..hopefully the unknown part will quickly become much less so.

If I find the right place I may well settle there a while, I’m not against that but it needs to feel right – and the gaps between contracting? well hopefully I can fill those with freelance work from my own clients.

I also have an idea for another business – based around what I do…
but more on that later

Why now?

Why not? – sure there’s a recession, sure my bank balance hasn’t quiet recovered from our wedding.

But and this is a big but. I’ve got fire in my belly. I’ve got an overwhelming urge to put myself out there. To try my very best, work my hardest and see what life has to offer! whether that means finding a full-time job I love, spending a few years contracting or working freelance full-time for yours truely.

The decision certainly hasn’t come easy and I’ve talked myself in and out of this more times than I’m able to count over the last few months. In the end it was a quote on Ken Reynolds’s blog that gave me the final push….

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. - Elbert Hubbard

It seems like the right time to try something new, to try something new very hard!

Like my Wife Jenn would say – ‘sometimes you’ve just got to risk it for a biscuit’

This post will be the first of many and if you’d like to get a jist of the sort of things I’m likely to be posting you can check out a couple of guest posts I’ve published: The pro’s and con’s of doing ‘trade’ work , Twit-ta-woo and How to insert tweets onto your website.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, or tweet me up on twitter.

4 Responses to “Going Solo – the (Wonderful?) World of Freelance”

  1. Ken Reynolds says:

    Well done on getting the ball rolling on your blog Andy.

    I admire the decision you’ve taken and I hope it all pays off for you. Having worked with you a few times, I know you are well equipped to succeed.

    I’ll certainly be following your blog with interest and be throwing any work your way that I can.

  2. Soren Aarlev says:

    Fair play to you Andy. Best of luck with the new business!

  3. Dave Will says:

    Excellent news Andy, and very exciting! Hope everything works out well for you!

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