Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Legend of the Blind Monkey

Since I’ve been working at Purple Creative I’ve had the pleasure of working on the website for Legend of the Blind Monkey which is a game you can play and follow along live, by playing you can win Tickets to the ‘Mobsters’ Ball’ a exclusive invite only party hosted by Monkey Shoulder (the creators of Blind Monkey) on 4th December in a secret location in London.

As the story goes Boss Monkey (Golden City’s Crime Boss) is due to retire – your job is to complete the challenges and work your way up the Monkey ranks to take control of the three crime families by being crowned Capo of all Capi.

There are 9 Challenges to complete & you must find the answers to by reading up on the backstory, keeping up-to date with The Howler (Golden City’s newspaper) and following the games various twitter and facebook accounts.

I’ve been following the stories posted in The Howler as well as the games twitter and facebook accounts and have been really enjoying following along!

There’s just 4 weeks left to join the game so go register now and maybe I’ll see you at the Mobsters Ball!

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  1. Ken Reynolds says:

    Looks like a cool project Andy, glad to hear you’re keeping busy.

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